Florecita Farms is here to create completely pure and simple products that work. No water as the first ingredient, no preservatives, no unstable oils that we’re told are good for our skin. We procure the highest quality beyond organic and wildcrafted ingredients with the intention of growing much of our ingredients in the future.  Our products are void of fillers, alcohols and preservatives, using the absolute best quality ingredients.  

Our Story

Having started a path of health and wellness in her early twenties beginning in massage school and carrying on into two and a half years of Traditional Chinese Medicine school, Sara was always aware of the importance of removing toxins from the body. Learning that the skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything it comes into contact with, Sara would strive to purchase pure products.  When Sara became pregnant with her twins in 2016 she began making her own products for herself and her little ones when nothing seemed good enough to put on her pregnant belly and their precious newborn skin and greenwashing seemed to be at an all time high. After a few years of playing with fun DIY recipes it was time to share with others. The seed for Florecita Farms had been planted and it has finally come to fruition.                                    

People often ask, why the name Florecita Farms? There is a reason behind it.  When Sara and Richie were searching to purchase their first home in 2014, they stumbled on the cutest little neighborhood tucked in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Once a running farm in the early 1900s, this neighborhood pocket was named Florecita (little flower in Spanish) Farm, attributing to the name of the farm that once dwelled on that land.  During the very long and unexpected three month escrow process they began to have doubts and sought advice from an intuitive. The house was described to a tee and they were told that it had been waiting for them to bring life back to it, music, cooking, family, friends and little ones. They were told that the house was very feminine and wanted a feminine name. Immediately Sara knew she needed to find out the name of the seller’s mother who the seller had inherited the home from.  Sara and Richie's realtor went to work and found that her name was Iris.  And so their little flower theme began. But there is more. Sara and Richie tried for several years to become pregnant. For years they knew that they would name their son Kaj (pronounced like casual without the “ual”), short for Richie’s Indian father’s given name, Pankaj.  And their daughter was always going to be Prudence, Prudy for short. Cut to they're finally pregnant with twins! Their boy and girl all in one.  After all of those years knowing their daughter would be named Prudence, she began telling Sara that her name was actually Poppy, Poppy Lou. Sara tried to keep with the name Prudy but this little voice just kept insisting that it was Poppy. Happily they listened and named their son Kaj Joaquin and their baby girl Poppy Lou.  They recognized their continued flower theme with their home Iris and their daughter Poppy, living in Florecita Farms on Florecita Drive. Only to be even more surprised to find out a couple of years later that Pankaj refers to the lotus flower in Sanskrit.  So, long story short, when Sara wanted to start her own company that will eventually include a growing aspect, it just made sense to honor their first home, where they became a family and this business idea began, Florecita Farms.